The rescuers were simply shocked when they looked at his nails, cause they haven’t seen such thing before


According to the specialist, as soon as the dog’s nails touch the ground, they should be cut.

Excessively long nails can be very painful for a dog and are equivalent to, for example, walking in high heels for a whole day.

No dog should suffer from such problems. The staff of the Humanne Society of Florida recently met a dog and were simply shocked of what they had seen. They had never seen such long nails.

The -11year-old dog was brought to the shelter in a terrible condition.

They also mentioned in their Facebook post that some of the dog’s nails were so long that they even started to curl and roll painfully.

Nobody knows how long he has been suffering like this being left alone, but they know that he needs strict care.

They had to cut the dog’s nails very carefully so as not to cause him even more pain.

He also had some tumors that needed to be removed under anesthesia.

These tumors are often cancerous, so it is a good idea to neuter the dog if necessary.

It turned out that the dog had a deformity of the leg.

But fortunately Docena is slowly recovering and he is so happy that he can finally walk without long nails.

He is taken care here perfectly and everything is done so that he does not feel the need for anything.

We also wish him many many happy days and want to thank all the people who do their job so diligently.

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