The police decided to adopt the old pitbull, cause they couldn’d find the poor dog’s owner


Every day we meet many stray dogs in the streets, all of whom deserve family love and warmth.

How good it would be if they all found their eternal home and were no longer on the streets!

This dog was rescued by the Kirtland authorities on the street.

Pitbull looked lost and very desperate. Looking into his eyes, it became clear how upset the poor dog was.

The department decided to post the picture of the older dog and also hoped that they would be able to find his owner..

Unfortunately it was useless as no one was interested in him.

Therefore, the employees of the department decided to adopt the sweet dog, naming him “J.D.” That means John Doe.

Everyone gave their approval and were very happy about it.

The dog now feels very happy, because he is loved and cared for a lot. Everyone around him just adores him.

He is often taken for a walk and they do everything to make him feel very calm and safe.

Thanks to all this, the dog became more active day by day, as he finally got the warmth he really deserves.

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