The sweet dog was the first one who welcomed the newborn calf to the new world


In the animal world we meet many wonderful creatures day by day, who fill our day with warm and positive emotions.

It is no secret that they are able to establish excellent connections and strong relationships with other species .

They can be wonderful friends support their friend when they need it.


We have come across many stories about very different species of animals that have managed to amaze everyone with their sweet friendship.

They are all so unique and special that it is impossible to just be indifferent, even if you are not a big animal lover.

Here’s such a wonderful company was born between a dog named Tucker and this newborn calf, who were very happy to meet each other.

When Tucker first met the cutest and youngest member of their farm, he was so excited that it was as if he had met his brother.

His enthusiasm could not be described in words and he could not control himself.

The calf was still very young and was trying to find his way in this life, but that could not be an obstacle for Tucker to meet the baby and play with him.

He adored the sweet creature so much that he started licking his face.

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