The poor boy started crying so uncontrollably when he lost his beloved pup in a crowded street…


The little boy was crying uncontrollably as he searched for his lost dog.

This photo was spread all over the world in minutes. Fortunately, this is why the boy was finally able to reunite with his sweet friend.

So meet Jonathan and his puppy, Ryder, who became inseparable friends from the first moment of their meeting.

The boy and his family adopted the dog when he was just a few weeks old and had recently been rescued.

As the two grew up together, that’s why they have a very special connection.

It is probably already clear how upset the boy was when his beloved dog disappeared and could not be found anywhere.

They were walking when the puppy was suddenly disappeared.

Jonathan was in a terrible state and was constantly looking for him all over their neighborhood.

Fortunately, his persistence eventually paid off.

He was also assisted by an animal protection team, which posted the famious photo of Jonathan on the Internet which touched the hearts of many.

And the good news was not too late. Two days later the dog was found.

When Jonathan and Ryder reunited, it was simply one of the most exciting moments ev er. They hugged each other and cuddled together for hoyrs..

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