The poor dog who had been saved from the Slaughterhouse, can’t stop hugging his hero


This story is about a dog that went through terrible days. It is about a poor dog named Sweet, who was rescued from the slaughterhouse by Michael Chur.

He is the founder of the organization called ”The Sound of Animals”, which saved the dog from the meat trade and changed his life, giving him a chance for a happy future.

If it were not for this man, it would be hard to imagine what would happen to many many dogs.

Sweetie had a past full of very hard days. The poor dog did not lose hope even after all those hardships and every day he waited for an angel to come and save him from that cruel situation.

And finally his hero appeared and saved his life. Michael was able to negotiate with the owner of the slaughterhouse and did his best to release seventeen dogs, including this sweet dog.

The kind man took the rescued dogs and moved them to his center.

Sweetie was so happy that he even wanted to hug Michael, whom he would always be grateful for. he finally felt so safe.

Michael is a wonderful man who always finds eternal homes for his rescued dogs, but this time he decided to take adopt Sweet and to provide the dog with the life he always deserved.

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