The dog with the most precious smile, has a very strange habit, but his family doesn’t mind him to do what he likes the most


Dear animal lovers, let’s get acquainted with a sweet dog that is so lazy that it even has a chance to be registered in the Gui;nness Book of Records as the laziest dog in the world.

But the most commendable thing about all this is that his parents are not angry with him for this habit, which many would probably do, because it would make them nervous.

But in their family everything is the opposite.

As it turned out, they all respect each other’s decisions and lifestyles and do not prevent them from doing what they like most.

I think it is the guarantee of a happy family and peaceful relations. Oscar is an adorable dog who just loves to do what his family calls “laziness.”

He is so adorable that it is impossible to get angry with him especially when you look at his kind eyes and sweet smile. So he gets all the privileges to do what he likes.

The family members really accept his love of laziness and they have even rearranged their home furniture so that it is as comfortable as possible for the dog and he enjoys what he ”does”  It’s funny, isn’t it?

”Watch the video with the participation of this sweet creature as well.

Their cat probably does not understand why he is doing this, but he does not hide his interest in the dog’s habit that seems very strange to him.

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