That was the most touching moment when dying dog accompanied his beloved owner during her wedding


Kelly O’Cennell’s wedding day will be remembered forever.

It was special and very exciting due to more than one reason ․․․

It’s certainly the happiest day of her life when she married her lover.

On the other hand, there was one more thing.

Unfortunately, she had to say goodbye to her wonderful friend, who had been her inseparable companion for 15 years.

Her name was Charlie, who in spite of his illness wanted to be with his beloved owner on such an important day.

They had shared all their happy and sad moments together during those 15 years and he could not help but accompany his friend on that special day.

Unfortunately, in April, the dog was diagnosed wiht a brain tumor and he had little time left. The sweet dog died on September 9.

” Rest in peace, miracle Charlie Bear. Wonderful memories of you will be in our hearts forever ”!

Photographer Jen Djuvenis captured these extremely moving moments, full of tears and the pain of separation.

Also watch the video below, where Kelly says goodbye to her beloved friend…

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