A woman worthy of praise. The shelter owner took 17 disabled dogs to the beach for the first time and their excitment was just so precious


Every dog ​​loves to go for long walks or wait at the door while their owner comes home from work and hugs them.

They need so little for perfect happiness and they just enjoy the smallest things in life, appreciating every minute they spend with their owners.

No doubt we have much to learn from these wonderful creatures.

Dogs also love to go to the beach and enjoy swimming.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do all this, but this woman has found a great solution for them ․․․

A kind-hearted woman named Salima is the founder of the SFT Aninmal Sanctuary.

Thanks to this woman, many dogs who has some disabilities were saved.

Most of these dogs were hit by a car receiving serious injuries, as a result of which they became disabled.

Knowing the dogs’ boundless love for the beach, the woman decided to take them there.

It was such a warming scene. The dogs just enjoyed every minute of it.

This woman just deserves great praise, who does everything to fill the lives of these dogs with joy and happiness.

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