The rescue team of ”the Little Wanderers” managed to save the lives of the mother cat and her kittens who tried to hide in the dirty yard


The wonderful team of the Little Wanderers of New York came to the rescue of a mother cat who was left on the street with her four kittens.

They were in a very dirty yard. All mothers are super-protective and caring, whether they are animals or humans.

This story will prove it once again.

Rescuers said that when they found the small family of cats, the mother cat was trying in every way to protect her kittens.

It was obvious that they would not be able to survive in such conditions for a long time, but their mother did everything for it and was not going to give up.

Ariana was one of the members of the rescue team, who after arrriving at the scene started to search the place.

They soon found the four kittens with their mother, who seemed to be trying to hide from everyone.

They soon succeeded in gaining the trust of the mother cat by feeding them.

There were four kittens: three boys and one girl.

One of the volunteers even expressed a desire to take them home and take care of the babies and very soon the sweet ones will be ready for adoption.

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