The poor bulldog was in such bad condition that he even began to eat leaves to stay alive…


Dogs are the most wonderful gifts that life has given us.

When they come into our lives, they soon become full members of our family, even ready to sacrifice their lives for us.

Unfortunately, we also often hear stories that for many animals everything is quite the opposite.

The bulldog you now see on your screens has been hungry for so long that it has had to eat leaves to survive.

Because of such horrible conditions, he lost almost all his fur.

When a group of rescuers heard about the dog, they reacted quickly and came to the rescue of the dog.

He had obviously lost hope, but the best things always happen un expectedly.

The rescuers named the dog Pumpkin. They quickly took him to a clinic.

At first he was depressed and did not understand what was happening.

It turned out that the dog had a severe plague, and the body temperature was so low that the thermometer did not even show it.

The veterinarian noted that the pumpkin would probably not have survived if it had stayed on the street one more day.

He was receiving serious treatment there and they did everything to save the dog’s life.

Fortunately, a few weeks later he began to feel better and eat normally.

Thanks to daily medication, the dog’s fur began to recover slowly.

The most gratifying thing about this story is that the rescuers have already found an eternal family for him in Los Angeles.

So now he can go to the beach every day and maybe already forgot about the cruel days of the past.

He likes to play ball with his sisters and brothers.

Tje dog is finally happy and all this thanks to the kind and caring rescuers.

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