The orphan pups found solace in turtle who helped them overcome all their fears


The heroes of this fairy tale are pups who got the best companion in the most difficult moment of their lives.

Andrea, who is a member of the rescue center, found three abandoned cubs in the parking lot a few ye՛ars ago and decided to take care of them. Then he reported about it to PAWsitive.

She also mentioned that she could catch the cubs, but she did not manage to catch their mother.

So she decided to take care of them until they were ready for adoption.

At first, it was difficult for them to adjust to the new environment, and they definitely needed time for it.

The pups looked very scared. The other animal rescued was an 81-year-old turtle with a name Golliath.

Andrea realized that rescued pups and the turtle really could help each other to overcome all that.

One day Andrean noticed that one of the babies had disappeared, and at first she was very scared.

Fortunately, She was able to find the puppy who was hiding in the turtle’s stable.

Over time, it became clear that the puppies began to feel better after spending a long time with the turtle.

They loved to hug their new friend the most. They seemed to feel very safe next to the turtle.

The kind animal really helped the terrified pups overcome all their fears and enjoy their life.

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