The cruel owners left the poor baby chained without food and water for more than 10 days


It is sad to see that there are still people who cruelly treat their pets. Such people should not have the right to keep animals.

In spite of the difficult circumstances that these animals have to go through, they still do not lose hope, believing that one day everything will be fine.

They have such a good heart that even after such cruelty, they do not lose faith in people.

That is what happened to our hero today, Duke, who was only 10months old that all that terrible things happened to him.

This dog was chained by its former owners to a truck and left to starve there.

It turned out that the unscrupulous owners did not want to keep Duke anymore and threw him out of the house like garbage, knowing that he was ill.

Duke had been without food or water for more than 10days and was extremely exhausted when he was found.

He was in a very bad conditon.  Also his legs were broken because of severe abuse.

Since there was no room in the shelter at that time, one of the volunteers took the dog home with him.

In a short time he was able to adapt to his new home and family, showing his sweet character to them.

Duke recently underwent 2 surrgeries, after which he is already able to walk normally.

Thanks to the kind and caring people, he got the opportunity of a second life, learning to trust people again.

Here are another good news too: recently, the dog has found his eternal home, a wonderful and caring family, where he enjoys his life to the fullest;.

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