After a very cruel life the two kind-hearted spirits met each other and now it’s impossible to separate them


According to our deep conviction, we humans will never be able to equal the animal world when it comes to the friendships between them.

Wildlife is surprisingly able to cross all boundaries of the human imagination due to its tendency to form indescribable inter-species connections.

Although we have encountered many of these types of stories, each one is unique and wonderful.

This time it is about the rare friendship of a baby calf and an old turtle, with the participation of which the video went viral just a few hours after it appeared on the Internet. So Leonardo and Simon are now on your screens.

They are two kind-hearted spirits who were separated from their families long ago and then got a chance at a second life thanks to the Wildlife Friends Foundaiton of Thailand. This is where they met.

Leonardo, the tortoise, survived the unfortunate life of the zoo.

The tortoise had been living in the center for several years when Simon was transferred there.

There was a terrible accident with the poor newborn cow, after which she lost her leg, but fortunately kind people managed to save her from being slaughtered.

The team did its best to help the cow by providing her with a prosthesis.

At first they thought of moving the cow to another place where she would feel calmer, but one day things changed when she met Leonardo.

After that day, it simply became impossible to separate them. She found solace in her new friend.

They understand each other so well. They seemed to be made for each other.

Both have had difficult and cruel pasts, but now they have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, astonishing the entire staff and beyond.

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