The poor dog was so malnourished that he was not even able to stand on his own


When the dog was found, he was so malnourished and weak that he could not even stand on his own.

He was in such a bad condition that his rescuers were even worried that the dog would not be able to overcome all that.

The family that found him immediately took him to a veterinary center.

When they saw the dog’s condition, they immediately took the dog to the intensive care unit.

They believed that all would be well and did not lose hope. The little dog was so thin that his ribs were completely visible.

Despite the horrors and cruelty he endured, he still did not lose hope in people.

Everyone was amazed at how brave the little puppy was.

The sweet dog was named Brich. The story of the poor dog was published on their Facebook page.

They still should keep him in the hospital, continuing to fight to save his life.

It is remarkable that the name of the dog means “strength and power”, which best describes the character of a stubborn and brave dog.

Let us pray for the baby. Also watch the video with the participation of a sweet dog below.

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