The oldest cat in the shelter has found a new home providing a company for a 101-year-old granny


This touching story will simply warm the heart of any animal lover.

Guss is a 20-year-old cat, which, unfortunately, was handed over to the humanitarian union of the Catauba region for some unknown reasons. It is supposed that they just wanted to get rid of the old cat that way.

Someone will be sad now, knowing that the poor cat was abandoned and his heart was broken, but fortunately, this old cat’s journey did not end there ․․․

First, Guss was given a health test, and according to the results, it became clear that everything is fine with the cat and he has sp called “exceptional health.” It is a real victory for a cat of that age.

Despite this, the shelter staff was concerned that the cat would have to spend its next golden years in the shelter.

However, it was not long before something like this happened and their fears disappeared.

A few days later, the director of the shelter received a call from a family who wanted to adopt a cat to accompany their elderly mother.

They were especially interested in whether there was an old cat for adoption.

The fact is that Penny, the 101-ye;ar-old grandmother, had recently lost her cat, and now they wanted to find a new friend who would accompany her and the grandmother would never feel lonely again.

The news made everyone so happy that they immediately started to deal with adoption issues.

Everything just turned out wonderfully and no one could have imagined it better.

The pictures of the cat and the grandmother immediately spread all over the world, receiving millions of warm words. So happy fo them. The best duo ever.

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