The 9 newborn puppies had their first photoshoot with their newborn brother who were born 3 hours apart


Their family was soon to be replenished. It was already the last days and everyone was waiting with great impatience.

It was predicted that a pregnant dog named Delia would give birth two days before Klingbale would give birth, but the mother dog surprised everyone and gave birth just three hours before her owner.

Klingbale was already in the hospital with her mother when the father called her.

He informed his daughter that the dog had already given birth and that they were at home.

He mentioned that their family has been replenished with 9 new golden puppies. They were just so wonderful.

A few days later, they had their first sweet photoshoot.

They decided to keep one of the puppies in their family and find new caring homes for the others.

They are going to have a similar photoshoot after 6 months.

Their pictures with the newborn are so wonderful that you want to look at them all the time.

Within hours, the photos were spread all over the Internet, receiving millions of congratulations and warm words.

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