”He is the ugliest cat ever and I’m not going to keep him. Even my children were afraid of him. Be thankful I didn’t put him to sleep.”


One day a woman came to the shelter with a cat and demanded to take him back.

The reason mentioned by her was that the cat was very ugly and even his children were afraid of his appearance.

At first glance it was noticable,that the cat had an eye infection, but it was not clear what caused it.

They also could not understand how an animal could scare people.

According to the woman, the disease started very suddenly and without any reason.

We also consider find necessary to mention that the woman spoke very loudly and rudely.

She even started shouting at the shelter workers, who simply could not accept the reason for leaving the cat, realizing that it would be very difficult for the cat to overcome the abandonment.

Instead of abandoning him, the infection could just be cured.

But as it turned out, the woman was not going to cure the cat and kept shouting at the volunteers.

So from that day on, Candy remained in the shelter, receiving the love and attention of the volunteers.

According to them, the cat is very friendly and sociable.

He loves to be caressed and wants to be surrounded by people all the time.

Fortunately, the infection has started to recede and the cat is already feeling well.

We are confident that the cat will soon meet a family who will sincerely love him.

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