After finally being rescued the poor dog kept licking the kind woman trying to show her endless gratitude to her


This little dog was found on the side of the road had every reason to be afraid and anxious.

But even after what had happened to her, she still had not lost faith and trust in people.

She was able to feel that this time she was goinf be in safe hands.

The story took place not so long ago, which was shared by animal rescuer Georgia Neagu.

The heartbreaking shots immediately caught everyone’s attention, receiving thousands of sympathetic words.

The woman had met the dog on one of the roads in Romania.

The terrified dog, seeing her car, quickly started running towards it.

She believed that someone would finally treat her kindly, and she was not mistaken.

She was not in good condition and also had injuries, but when the woman brought the dog to a safe place, after a very short time it seemed to start blooming.

After being rescued, she licked Neaga incessantly, trying to express her gratitude in some way.

It is not clear to anyone why the dog appeared in such a bad situation, but one thing is for sure: she is going to have a bright future.

Neagu named her Paula and she will stay at her house until Neagu finds a new loving home for the baby.

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