When the rescue team found the poor dog, he was so exhausted that he didn’t even look like a dog anymore


When this poor baby was finally rescued, he was in such a bad condition that he could hardly even look like a dog.

He looked so emaciated that only his skin and bones remained. Even getting up was a big challenge for him.

He was completely exhausted and did not even want to keep his eyes open. His rescuers were not going to lose hope or give up on him.

Immediately after taking him to the veterinarian, they gave the dog a blood transfusion.

He was significantly deficient in the nutrients he needed to heal. Iron was one of them.

His condition is far from stable, but they did everything they could to save the dog’s life.

He was cold without body fat, so his caring guardian gave him a warm coat.

A few weeks later he was finally started getting better. Here is what warmth and love can do.

His health began to improve day by day. He has even made new friends here and is very fond of his caretakers.

After a while, his skin began to recover. He even started moving his tail.

But the best thing is that his rescuer loved the dog so much that he decided to adopt him and give him all the love he deserves.

The puppy already has his favorite toy, from which he does not want to part for a minute.

Everyone who saw him a few weeks ago is now simply amazed at his progress.

He became a real happy and sweet puppy thanks to all these wonderful people.

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