The miracle dog refused to leave her mom’s side during the heart opeartion due to whome her life saved


The unconditional love and loyalty of dogs has been proven many many times and this is one of them.

Shauna Darcy first took Ruby as a service dog to help her cope with her depression.

From day one, Ruby proved to be a wonderful dog and a companion. There is no limit to his devotion.

The puppy also proved that he is more than just a service dog.

Following Ruby’s signals, Shauna went to the doctor and was diagnosed with health problems she was unaware of, including a very rare heart disease.

Ruby seems to be the guardian angel of Shauna. He is ready to do everything for his mother.

This miracle creature helps his mom evenn when she is in panic, or when she takes food or picks up fallen things.

The sweet dog also watched over her like an angel when they were taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Doctors also allowed the faithful dog to wait in front of the treatment room.

They also said that after the operation the first thing she asked about was her beloved animal.

Fortunately, she managed to overcome everything. She considers himself so lucky that she has such an angel next to him ․․․

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