The elderly woman felt very lonely, but one day it seemed as if a miracle happened and now she is very thankful for that awesome gift


An 82-year-old woman named Mete, who lives in Orlando, Norway, was left alone after her husband’s death.

Of course, it was difficult for him to adjust to her loneliness.

But life seemed to have listened to her pleas and prepared an amazing surprise for her so that she would no longer feel alone.

One day an amazing creature appeared near her window.

It just seemed unbelievable to her. One deer appeared at Mete’s window and continues visiting her till now.

As we know, it is not so safe to approach these animals and experts do not recommend it as well, and although they seem very gentle and kind, they can still cause irreversible harm to p eople.

But Mete felt inwardly that nothing would happen, and she did not even heed the warning.

When she first saw the deer, she was just amazed and could not help falling in love with this wonderful creature. She seemed to be from a fairy tale.

It seems that an incredible connection was created between them, which is simply indescribable.

The woman decided to offer him food and at first took a piece of bread out of the window.

At that moment, the deer lengthened its neck to take a piece of bread. The deer took it so carefully from Mete’s hands.

It turned out that he really likes snacks. Next the granny began to think of a name for the deer, as she was going to feed the deer every day.

After the first meeting, of course, she did not think the deer would return. But the amazing thing was that he came every day to get his share of a loaf of bread.

Every day he stood under Grandma’s window, patiently waiting for Mete to open it for him.

Matt and Flipen’s friendship was simply wonderful which turned into something very special.

A few days later, he began to visit his grandmother, not once but twice a day.

Now Methe no longer feels lonely because she has a wonderful friend and is so thankful to Heaven for that wonderful gift.

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