The dog was thrown away like garbage with two broken legs, begging for help day and night.


Chewie had a very difficult life being thrown away like garbage․․․

His two front legs were completely broken and he was in a very bad condition.

But even in that condition, the poor dog tried in every way to hide the unbearable pain and smile at the strangers, hoping that in that way someone would notice him and help him.

After enduring that unbearable pain for a few days, he was finally found by kind people who called the staff of OC Animal Care.

He was rushed to a clinic and an X-ray showed that although Chewie’s legs were broken,they were started recovering but were in twisted state.

This was also the proof that the poor dog had received that injury a few weeks ago and had been able to survive in such a condition for so long, and even his cruel owner was not worried about the poor dog’s condition.

A few days later, the sweet doggy underwent surgery to correct his legs. Undoubtedly, he had to recover for a long time after the operation and it would not be easy, but the desire to live was stronger than all those unbearable difficulties.

The staff simply admired his courage and willingness. He trusted his guardians with all his heart, who cared for him with great diligence.

A few weeks later he was walking in the grass with great enthusiasm and enjoying his happy life.

We are also happy to report that Chew is feeling so well that he has already been adopted.

His new mother just fell in love with him on the very first day of their meeting and promised to provide this little boy with the happiest life.

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