The Center fulfilled the Vietnam Veteran’s last wish organizing a meeting with his beloved Yorkshire one last time


They fulfilled the last wish of the Vietnam War veteran, which was to reunite with his 5-year-old Yorkshire.

The veteran adopted this dog when he was still a puppy,and named him Patch. They have been inseparable friends ever since.

The two were wearing matching clothes when they rode on a motorcycle through the city every day.

Everything was just fine with them, until Vincent’s health began to deteriorate day by day and he could no longer take care of the dog on his own.

So last week he was admitted to a hospice. He was not allowed to bring his beloved friend with him, and since his family had lived far away from him for many years, he had to leave his dog in the welfare of Albuquerque animals.

One day Vincent told one of the workers at the Hospice Center that he really wanted to see Patch, his friend, for the last time.

Hearing his request, Neil contacted the director of the center and told him about Vincent’s request.

The workers of course were ready to help. Eventually, they quickly arranged the meeting of Patch and his beloved owner.

The little dog was silent all the way until they reached the center. It was as if he felt where he was going. Suddenly he just started crying ․․․

When they came in and Patch saw his father, he did not know how to express his excitement.

Patch started kissing his father’s face. The reunion of father and son simply moved everyone.

The shelter workers promised Vincent that they would do everything they could to make Patch happy.

It was an honor for them to fulfill the last wish of the veteran.

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