The homeless boy adopted a pup from the street and now they have only each other they can count on


What could be more heartbreaking than seeing a homeless child on the street? Unfortunately, it is quite common now.

Photographer Maria Cubbs noticed a little boy and decided to take a photo of him. The boy’s name is Romel Cemenales.

Rommel used to be completely alone until he found someone who was in his status and they seemed to find a way to make each other happy in life. He was living on the street with a puppy he had met while looking for food or money.

The photographer was so touched to see them together that she decided to share their pictures on her page.

It is true that they do not have a home, but they are still thankful that they at least have each other . His dog’s name is Badgi.

After the photos were published on Facebook,it touched the hearts of many.

But Rommel’s story is more grim than many can imagine.

The boy’s father left them many years ago and never visited them again. It turned out that he has another family now.

His mother still comes to him from time to time, but she is not even interested in the fact that the boy spends his whole time on the streets.

Of course, he would like to go to school, play with the children, and not live on the street.

Rommel also said that that his dog always reminded him of his younger brother who died many years ago.

When kind people give hin money, he first feeds his dog and then eats himself.

Romel said that most of all he dreams of returning to school so he can study and then help his sisters.

Let’s hope that one day everything will be wonderful for them…

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