The Golden Retriever saved the life of the little kitten and from that day on they’re simply inseparable


Many of us still think that dogs and cats are age-old enemies and not so good with each other, but this sweet duo will show you how wonderful friends they really can be.

The wonderful video below will completely change your perception. The kindness of dogs is just boundless ․․․

It is not for nothing that they are considered human’s best friend, including, of course, cats.

We have witnessed many manifestations of kindness and companionship between dogs and cats, but this one is the sweetest and most touching one we have ever seen.

These sweet shots will simply melt everyone’s hea;rts. Gentle dog recently rescued a stray cat and became a real star on the Internet.

One day the dog was out with his owner for a walk and suddenly he met a kitten who was obviously in need of help.

The dog was so kind that he could not ignore and be indifferent to the baby, so the caring dog approached and grabbed the kitten by his mouth, taking him to his owner.

Judging by the cat’s condition, the dog owner realized that he was a stray kitten and hardly had a family.

So the owner took the cat and they went home together.

The hungry cat was eagerly waiting for the kind people to finally feed him, so as soon as they got home, the owner fed the baby by hand, and he started looking better.

All this time the dog was next to the kitten and seemed to feel that it was his duty to take care of him.

The kitten regained its strength day by day.

During that time, he and the dog managed to become wonderful friends who went everywhere together.

What adorable creatures!

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