All the staff of the famous show and the fans from all over world mourn the loss of their beloved Tuesday


The dog named Tuesday will probably be remembered by many, who was a famous actor on the ChicagoFire show.

The Dalmatian dog played with his own name in the TV series, which gathered many fans at once. The dog simply captured the hearts of many.

But, unfortunately, after being filmed in the show for many years, he said goodbye to life on Tuesday, without any warning.․․

It was a terrible blow for the whole staff.

Throughout the Chicago Fire cast, fans mourn the loss of their beloved ddog, who has become so dear to them all.

The fans are very upset that they will not see their favorite Tuesday in the episodes of the show, but they will always remember him with great love and are grateful that they were able to meet the sweet dog thanks to that show.

Although the dog was not the main character, any episode with his participation always made everyone so happy.

His death was caused by the sudden kidney problems, which was unexpected for everyone.

All the dog’s colleagues left touching posts about him, writing about their wonderful memories with him.

He will not be in the show anymore, but he will stay in everyone’s hearts forever.

Rest in peace, sweet Tuesday.

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