The couple managed to save the life of two mini-horses who were going to be sent to the slaughterhouse


One day Kirk and Natasha decided to move from Texas to a small farm where they wanted to live with their 5 children and also their horses, whom they had rescued from terrible conditions but who now had the opportunity to enjoy life in the open area.

They could not have imagined that they would eventually have so wonderful horses in their family.

The couple learned about the horses after receiving information about a cruel auction, most of whose buyers were from slaughterhouses.

The reason for all this was the great demand for horse meat.

The kind man was able to save 2 mini horses that were going to be taken to a slaughterhouse.

There were obvious signs of violence on the skin of one of the rescued ponies.

He always kept his head down and looked at the ground all day. It was all a result of violence.

He avoided everyone and did not even allow anyone to touch him.

However, the family did not give up and tried very carefully to gain the pony’s trust. The horse was severely depressed.

A few days later pony finally realized that he was in safe hands and that he had been saved by these kind people.

They named sweet ponu Tobias. He seemed to accept Kirk as his father, and he felt very happy in that caring family.

In this video you can see Tobias warmly hugging his beloved father. They will just melt your heart.

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