The dog who had been chained without food and water, jumped from the third floor trying to free herself


Suddenly a shout was heard from above ․․․ Residents of Cairo, looked up and saw a dogd hanging from a 3-rd floor.

That scene just shocked everyone. The dog was in such a bad condition that he even started calling for help.

The dog’s name was Bella, which hung from her neck.

There was a chain around her neck that prevented her from falling down, but because Bella was quite an old dog already, she could die .

No one knew for how long the dog had been hanging there, but some speculated that it might have lasted about five hours.

Fortunately, a kind man appeared and managed to free Bella and take her to safe place. Soon everything was revealed.

For a long Bella had to live time on a narrow and very dirty balcony, where, of course, it was terribly difficult for her.

Finally she is free and does not have to live in those bad conditions.

Bella has already been placed in a foster home with the help of a Special Needs Rescue and Rehablitation Team located in the United States.

Bella now has a very large yard where she can run and play with her new siblings.

After those torturous days, the sweet dog now lives like a queen and she really deserves it.

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