The poor mother dog was found carrying a bag in which was her dead puppies …


Paul Skinner decided to start his day on a bicycle.

When he had passed a long way, he suddenly noticed the dog, which was apparently in a terrible condition.

The dog was very sad and broken. Her eyes were full of tears.

When Paul decided to get closer to the dog, it became clear that she was carrying her dead cubs in a bag.

That scene was so painful… It became clear that she was the three-year-old Charlie ․․․

Paul immediately remembered that he had seen an announcement about Charlie .

So he immediately contacted the district council, informing them that he had found the dog on his way, whom he recognized.

After that they searched for Charlie’s owner for a long time, but did not find him.

The dog was licking the bag with her dead cubs inside. It is just horrible that someone can be so deprived of humanity.

The staff of RSCPA and the Greyhound Sanctuary, learning about the dog, immediately arrived to help her.

The manager of the shelter assumes that the babies were born alive at first, but leaving the dog outside for a long time had devastating consequences, resulting in the tragic death of the cubs.

However, they will do everything in their power to help the grieving mother to overcome all that hardships.

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