The brave dog saved the life of the baby who had fallen into the pool and could’ve died if it weren’t for this dog


Patricia once went out to her garage to take something and suddenly realized that her 14-month-old son was following her. His name is Stanley.

A few minutes later he suddenly disappeared so she could no longer see him.

She immediately went to the yard to find out if the baby had gone there.

What she witnessed simply shocked her. The bbaby had fallen into their pool.

Fortunately their Labrador Retriever was also there.

Thanks to the dog, the child did not suffer much, who was immediately helped by their wonderful dog.

The baby’s head came out of the water because the dog was holding him.

Patricia quickly ran to the water and pulled the baby out.

After that she calles 911, but could not contact them. Without wasting time, she ran to her with the child in her arms.

On the way she called 911 again and this time she finally got in touch.

They assessed Stanley and it turned out that fortunately everything was fine and that he was in good condition.

Patricia mentioned that she will owe her whole life to their dog that saved her son’s life․

It is not for nothing that the dog and the children have an inexplicable and very strong connection with each other.

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