During the filming, the famous star jumped into the cold water to save his two huskies


The famous acter jumped into the cold water to save his dogs. It was a real heroism on his part.

People say he seems to have reproduced that famous Titanic scene with Jack and Rose.

This time, fortunately, the hero did not sacrifice himself for his beloved woman and everything ended well.

The Hollywood star immediately dived into the lake to save his beloved Huskies.

It turned out that the dogs one after the other, fell into the cold water while filming the famous movie ‘Don’t look up’.

The second main author of the film told about this in an interview with ”Entertainment Weekly”.

At first one of the dogs fell into the water, and Leo jumped to get it out of the frozen lake.

Instead, during the moment he pulled one of them out of the water, the other jumped.

The actor explained that since they lived in California, they had no idea about the frozen lake.

The director of the film described the star’s dogs as “absolute tornadoes”.

Fortunately, everything went well and no one was hurt. There was simply more fear than harm in all this.

This amazing day will be remembered forever by all the participants of the filming staff and actors.

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