After being rescued the dog just melted in the arms of his rescuer who took her home and provided her with the best life


Օne day Anand Reman decided to visit his sister at her workplace.

It was quite a hot day in Dubai and everyone was trying to escape the heat.

Suddenly he saw a stray dog ​​under one of the parked cars.

The dog’s fur was in poor condition, except that its legs seemed to be crooked. Anand knew he had to help her.

The dog, realizing that he just wanted to help her, slowly began to approach her.

Anand sat down on the sidewalk and began to caress the sweet creature.

Before he could get the dog to the car, the dog quickly fell asleep on his shoulder.

The dog was exhausted so tha man quickly took her to the vet.

The veterinarian said that the dog’s gait was due to malnutrition and happily was treatable.

So Anand took her home and bathed her.

The white fur of the dog had already started to be seen. That’s why he called the dog “Snowy”.

Since the dog had spent his whole life on the street, he did not know how to behave in Anand’s house.

It took Anand some time before he was able to restore the dog’s trust in people. And his efforts gave their result.

He has already become a happy and healthy dog ​​who lives with her loving and caring family.

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