The army vet and K9 dog,who used to share all the difficulties together, reunited again after 2 years of separation


They worked together for many years, but it was time for Sergeant Jason Boss to retire.

That’s why his K9 partner Jila was given to someone else, with whom he had to continue his dedicated service.But two years later they reunited again.

It was a very heartwarming moment, which fortunately people managed to capture and now we also have the opportunity to see that wonderful moment in the video below.

Sila is a Labrador Retriever that works as an explosive detector. Everyone loves him and he is often called CiCi. Sila does a great job.

When the dog had just arrived to work there, he could not adjust to anyone and they could not find anyone with whome he could work.

Everything finally started to change for the better when he met Boss.

The couple worked well together and they understood each other very well. They had very serious tasks ahead of them and they performed them perfectly.

One of the most important things they did was to defend the president and vice-president during one of the national conventions.

But one day Jason Boss got a back injury once during training, so he had to quit his job. So Sila had to keep working with someone else.

The Boss was very upset that he had to leave Sila and was worried that he would never see his beloved friend again.

One day Boss saw the announcement and it became known to him that Sila was going to retire.

Next day they called him to find out if he would like to adopt the dog.

The boss was more than enthusiastic about that and accepted the offer with great happiness.

They are so happy that after 2 years has found each other again.

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