After meeting the sweet little creature in the yard the dog immediately became friends with her teaching her how to jump


Every day I go for a walk in the big park next to our house, where I always meet a lot of animals. I often find new friends there, with whom I start playing.

But in addition to dogs, I also meet a lot of squirrels, which run so fast that I do not have time to catch them.

You do not know why they do not want to play with me. Nevertheless, I like this park very much, where I can play and run. I feel like I am in paradise.

Today we went for a walk again and I was splaying again living the best life when suddenly a very small creature came to me.

At first glance I thought it was a squirrel and it would soon run away from me, as usual.

But it stood continuing to look at me. I soon realized that it was not a squirrel and was much smaller than squirrels.

Is it a bun? Well,ni, cause it moves, it has round eyes, which look at me carefully.

And I started thinking where this baby’s mother is. He probably got lost and lost his way home.

So we have to help him. We can not leave him alone in this big park. I soon realized it was a rabbit and I wanted to kiss its sweet snout.

Soon we became friends and I decided to teach him a few tricks. You just have to jump, I’ll teach you how.

The only thing is you are a rabbit and I am a dog, so it is difficult for me to jump like a rabbit.

You just have to use your back legs and that’s it.

I think it’s time to relax a bit.

Well, it’s too late. I want to finish the jumping lesson. I will come again tomorrow and we will continue, little cutie.

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