The rescuers found the mother pit bull with her ten newborn cubs who who had been abandoned by their previous owner


One day a sd shelter worker heard a voice calling for help.

They quickly approached to see who was there. And what they saw simply astonished them. It was a pitbull with her ten newborn cubs.

They later found out that the pit bull owner had abandoned them and decided to leave them in a shelter.

Despite all this, the mother pit bull could not leave the cubs and she stayed by their side and protected them until someone came to help.

Fortunately, the help was not late. They and their mother stayed at the back door of the shelter until the volunteers heard their voices.

Although she was abandoned by her owner, the pit bull had such a kind heart that even without food and water, he did not lose confidence in people.

Surprisingly, the mother dog even allowed the volunteers to hug and pet her cubs.

She seemed to understand that they were there only to help and would not harm her babies.

Most likely, her owners did not want to keep so many pups and decided to get rid of them that way.

Fortunately, they are now in safe hands, and when they are old enough, the workers will start to find eternal homes for them.

We are sure that they are going to be very happy.

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