The poor puppy was so sad when they only adopted his brother, but life put everything in its place…


The puppies of the pit bull were used as fighting dogs.

Fortunately, one of the rescuers at the local shelter received information about how the dog owner was treating them and rushed to the rescue.

The rescue team quickly arrived at the scene to rescue the cubs. They also shared the story of the dogs on social media and a woman named Tauna when saw it, just fell in love with one of them,named Keiko.

She informed the shelter about it and also mentioned that she also wanted to adopt the baby’s brother. But as it turned out, there was a law in that city, according to that only three dogs were allowed in each family, and she already had two more dogs. So she had to take only one of them.

Keiko was a great puppy, but she felt that something was wrong.  Nevertheless, the new member of their family adapted perfectly to the new home, making friends with the other dogs.

Unfortunately, after a while, their oldest dog died. It was very sad for them. But then fate seemed to intervene and everything fell into place.

The woman accidentally saw Niko’s photo on Facebook, where there was an urgent message aout him.

The family who adopted Niko, treated him very badly, so the rescuers brought Niko back to the shelter.

Upon hearing this news, Tauna immediately responded, wanting to adopt Niko.

The next day she brought the dog home. The poor boy, of course, went through many hardships, but he did not lose faith and trust in people.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. When Keiko saw Niko after all that time, he immediately realized that it was his brother and that was exactly what Niko needed.

Only his brother could help him. After so long, they had not forgotten each other. Keiko knew better how to comfort his brother.

The first night that Niko had to stay with them, Keiko hugged him and they slept together.

His brother knew exactly how to help his brother and change his life for the better.

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