After living in captivity the mother lion lost her maternal instincts rejecting her own cubs, but the kind dog quickly came to their aid


No matter how many excuses people give for keeping them captive, it can affect them both mnentally and physically.

However, it also happens that animals need help, and there is no other option but to keep them in captivity, because they will not be able to survive alone.

It may even be the case that when cubs are born, mother lions can easily reject them.

Sometimes it happens that when we save animals, their instincts often do not return.

The hero of our story is a lion named Sirona, who was forced to give birth in captivity.

The staff was very happy and it was a great event for them all, but as it turned out, it was not so exciting for the lion.

After giving birth, she had no maternal instincts, and unfortunately what happened was the most painful.

She did not accept her babies after giving birth. The staff knew very well that the cubs could not survive without their mother, so they had to take quick steps before it was too late.

Fortunately, the cubs were not left alone. One of the residents of the park, named Sundra, decided to take on that responsibility and become the mother of the cubs.

We all know how caring and attentive dogs are.

This kind dog immediately adopted the babies, treating them as if they were his own puppies.

The cubs began to feel very calm and safe. Thanks to this kind dog, the cubs were saved.

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