The dog who was born with very rare disease – with upside-down paws, unfortunately died while being under anesthesia


Milan is ready to win everyone’s heart with its super cute look.

The puppy lived in the shelter, where the staff took great care of him and were ready to do everything possible to make the 7-week-old baby as happy as possible.

Sadly this Monday a very sad news was announced by the shelter.

Milan suffered a heart attack after undergoing anesthesia… We are so sorry for this loss.

The wonderful dog had moved there with his brother, who had been rescued by volunteers.

Unfortunately, Milan was born with a rare disease and a complex disorder calledi bilateral inflamed elbowss.

Because of this, his paws were completely turned and he needed special attention.

The workers of the shelter were very willing to take care of the dog and do everything possible for him.

Before that, Milan had other surgeries, for which people had made a lot of donations to save the life of a poor dog


Unfortunately, that terrible thing happened, breaking the hearts of everyone who was waiting with great optimism ․․․

In spite of the 12attempts at CPR,sadly it had not been possible to revive him….

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