The wonderful man who recently lost his dog, decided to adopt the oldest dog of the shelter-18-year-old Julip


This dog appeared in one of the shelters located in Washington, cause sadly his owner died recendly.

Rescuers feared for Julip’s future, as the girl was already 18 years old, the oldest dog in the shelter.

The staff was really worried and thought that no one would want to adopt him.

They loved this wonderful dog so much and their hearts were broken when they thought that the sweet baby could spend her last days there without family love and warmth.

But in fact fate had prepared somethin’ else for the dog. One day a wonderful man came to the shelter.

His name was Wayne Lerch, who saw the story of this dog on their Facebook page and hurried there. The very next morning he was already in the shelter waiting for the meeting with the dog.

Lerch first decided to make sure that the dog would definitely feel good with him.

It turned out that Lerch’s pitbull, with whom he had been very close, had recently died.

So when these two met, it seemed that the special connection between them was obvious.

He was convinced that he must take the dog home with him.  As we have been convinced many times, these kind creatures always appear in our lives when we need them the most.

He realizes that they will probably not be able to spend much t ime together, but Lerch is doing his best to provide the most fun for him.

And as we can see he does it well, as evidenced by the dog’s wide smile and bright eyes.

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