The little fluffy kittens, found in the restaurant has the most unique facial expressions looking like old men


Admit that you can not be indifferent when you meet kittens.

They are so sweet that it is simply impossible to do otherwise. What about a cat with a wrinkled face?

Have you ever met such a cat before, and instead of one on five? Yes, you got it right, five kittens with that kind of face.

We are sure that you have never seen such cats before.

Everyone for sure heard of the Maine Coon, one of the most magnificent cats in the world.

We are sure that you too are now very excited to see these sweet and gentle creatures.

Catsvill County is located in Russia, which recently shared pictures of this kittens. They’re are so gorgeous.

The super soft balls immediately caught everyone’s attention.

They are not only fluffy kittens, but also have such a unique facial expression that just no one can pass by them indifferently.

It seems, as if cats look like angry old men.

That is not all. Recently, photos of one cat were shared by this same restaurant, again becoming viral all over the Internet.

The fact is that the cat has a human-like face. So turns out, that russian cats, in fact, differ in their unique facial feature.

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