The two dogs were so attached to each other that they even started crying when someone triedto separate them


This story probably will touch your heart too. The name of the 3-year-old pitbull is Meryl, who had a very difficult life before.

The California rescue team did their best to find a home for him, but things turned out unexpectedly, full of unique twists and turns.

One day, when a man saw the announcement about Meryl, he went to adopt her, but Meryl did not agree to leave the shelter because he could not leave his best friend.

The fact is that some time after coming to the shelter, Meryl befriended 8-year-old Taco, and they became so close that they could not leave each other for even a few minutes.

They even started crying when they tried to separate them .

Even the volunteers were amazed when they saw these scenes and did not imagine that everything would be so difficult when it came time to say goodbye to each other.

The thing is, this sweet duo does everything together: eat, play, sleep and, of course, hug each other.

After that, the staff decided to update the adoption data, noting that the duo should be adopted together.

Fortunately, some time later, a family expressed a desire to adopt them when they became acquainted with their moving story.

How good it is that everything ended so well and they are now enjoying their lives together in their caring family.

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