The stray dog’s reactions were priceless, when he realized that he had finally been rescued


One morning this jogger was greeted by a small baby cub, which was in a terrible condition and had even reached the point of starvation.

The man was running in his daily routine when he met him and of course he could not be indifferent to him.

The dog needed immediate help.He maybe had left his previous owner, hiding in the bushes.

The cub was scared of the man at first, but soon realized that he just wanted to help.

After that the dog began to smile widely and follow him wherever he went.

He seemed to be begging him to take him to a safe place and free him from those hard days.

The man realized that he could not leave the puppy there and that it would not be safe for him either.

The cub had reached a place where people rarely crossed.

It was a very busy highway 500 yards away, and leaving the baby there could have serious consequences.

So he took the baby in his arms and took it home, then bathed the cub and gave a delicious meal, which he had probably been dreaming about for days.

He later took the dog to a nearby animal shelter, where they said the dog had no health problems.

After a few days they were even able to find an eternal home for him. What a wonderful story of salvation! Let it be contagious for everyone.

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