This family members decided to take turn sleeping on the couch cause their old dog can’t go up the stairs


Our dogs start to move a little slowly when they grow up, no matter how sad it is to realize that..

Of course, we do our best to make them always feel happy. But one family decided to do much more for their older dog than many can imagine.

They all decided to rearrange their sleep schedule to make their dog feel loved.

Meet Spike, a 15-year-old dog. At that age, many dogs, as we know, can no longer move as fast as before.

He recently had his second stroke, after which it became more difficult for him to go up and down the stairs.

This meant that their beloved dog could not sleep with his family.

That was something he did when he was still a puppy. It was one of his favorite pastimes.

The bedroom was on the second floor and it would be very difficult for him to go up and down.

Spike could no longer reach his beloved place on his own. He tried to do it without losing hope.

But he was in a very weak state and that would only make his condition even worse.

Eventuallyi, his family decided to close the stairs because they had no other choice.

Instead, this is what they thought. Because Spike could not go to them, they decided to go down.

Now the family members go down at night to sleep next to their beloved dog, so that he feels calm and safe with his loved ones.

Spike is not the previous young pup, but one thing has never changed:his family’s boundless love for him.

This is what people are ready to do to make their dogs even happier. We are so thankful to this family for caring so much for their dog.

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