The sweet dog is always ready to help his blind friend, who has become his best eye-guide wherever he goes


Introducing the sweetest couple in the UK. These 2 dogs just captured everyone’s hearts.

The couple is constantly showing the whole world how pure and sincere the friendship between animals can be.

They are one of the most vivid examples of animal friendship the world has ever seen.

This is where the most touching moment of their friendship is hidden.

The fact is that one of the dogs, Glenn, has been blind all his life, but his best friend has always been by his side.

He confidently relies on his best friend, Bazi, who knows perfectly well when his friend needs help and what he needs to do.

This sweet duo was first seen in the sea tunnel of the North of England, and since then they have always been together, because even for a minute when they are separated, they become very restless.

The two are currently living at the Stray Aid Rrescue center in Durham.

They are with each other wherever they go. The Bazi is always ready to help his blind friend.

When the dog is hungry, he finds the food container and pushes it to his friend. The staff is simply amazed by the friendship of these two.\

They do not have much information about them, but they think that they are about 9years old.

It would be nice if someone could come up with a way to adopt them together so that they could spend the rest of their lives with loving family.

They deserve the best.

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