Video.The couple rescued the pregnant dog from the terrible conditions promptly taking her to the vet


The dog was in a very bad condition and did not lose hope that they would finally come to his rescue.

She was terribly poor and… pregnant. Finally someone came to his aid.

Because she was pregnant, it was even harder for her to be on the street, and she was so happy when she was finally rescued.

The video, shot by his rescuers, turned out to be so emotional.

The dog seemed to shine with happiness and she no longer needed anything for perfect happiness.

She was helped by these kind people. The couple was walking whey they suddenly saw the dog.

The couple said that they had noticed the dog several times, but this time they could not be indifferent, as they had noticed that the dog was pregnant and needed immediate help, otherwise everything could have ended badly.

The woman approached the dog and began to feed him so that he could gain his trust first.  After a while, they managed to take the dog and put her in the car.
The dog was so happy that she did not even know how to express her gratitude. She rejoiced even more when she realized that these good people had saved her.

She felt safe and secure for the first time. The animal even began to cry, which showed how happy she was.

She was given the name Poppy. She was immediately taken to a veterinarian, where she was given appropriate treatment.

Here she is also given the love and care she deserves. Thanks to this kind couple, the dog and its cubs will have a very happy future.

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