The little baby boy is so stubborn that he always gets what he wants, especially when he wants to play with the huge dog


If you have more than one pet in your home, you will probably be familiar with this situation when a small dog starts to annoy the big dog, because as we know, they constantly want to play.

That’s why we have prepared some tips for you.

First, get your puppy taught the basic commands he or she needs to know.

First of all, this will help you to be able to control him by giving orders.

Then try to train your puppy a lot, as a result of which he will not get bored and will not irritate your other dog.

Long walks and different games are also a great option for dogs, if you have such an opportunity.

It will also help a lot to ensure the diversity of their day.

Also, make sure that you provide enough toys for them.

Also be careful when they start to play, because sometimes bigger dogs can be aggressive towards pupss and unintentionally hurt them.

At first, showing consistent behavior will definitely only have a positive effect on their relationship.

If you notice that their behavior is not yet controllable, you can initially keep them in separate rooms, until over time they will gradually get used to each other’s presence.

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