The rescuers did their best to help the sweet cat Pinocchio overcome various obstacles of his life


One of the advantages of social media is that it provides an opportunity to learn about many stories, as well as a wide range of opportunities to save animals in need.

It provides a great opportunity to hear stories about them, thanks to which many animals also find their eternal homes.

Something similar happened to Pinocchio.

He is a very unusual and rare kitten, who has managed to overcome a number of obstacles in his life.

He overcame many complications of his life and became a real hero.

Pinocchio was already 4 months old when he was rescued, but he was so small that he was still the size of a six-week-old kitten.

One of the many complications was umbilical hernia, which left the kitten with a deformed nose.

After hearing about the kitten, Mel Lamrey, an experienced foster mother, decided to help the kitten.

Mel has been a foster mother for over 3 years.

The kitten receives all the necessary treatments and he is very loved by everyone. He obviously feels very happy.

The sweet cat is so brave that he can overcome all the difficulties of his life. Of course, all his friends help him.

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