The girl decided to arrange the very last trip for his best friend, who sadly suffered from lung cancer


When the family came to adopt the sweet pit bull, it was still very little.

They named the dog Libra. The dog adapted to his new environment with unexpected speed.

Libra especially developed boundless love for the youngest member of the family, April.

He was only 8 years old at the time. They became inseparable and very loyal friends.

Libra became a real protector for Libra. Unfortunately, after a while, Libra’s health began to deteriorate, which was noticed by family members.

It all started to manifest itself in the form of seizures, which became more and more severe.

All of this eventually led to lung cancer. After many veterinary examinations, it became clear that he unfortunately had little time left ․․․

It was a painful experience for the family members, who loved the doggy so much.

They did not want the dog to suffer for a long time. He was in excruciating pain and had severe attacks.

The family members tried their best to make his last days happier. Libra always loved to travel by car. As a result, April decided to arrange his last trip.

The sick dog felt so calm and for the last time enjoyed the breeze with his eyes closed ․․․

Rest in peace, sweet dog.

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