It was the most painful moment, cause the faithful dog had to say goodbye to his owner for the last time…


A pet has to say goodbye to its dearest person ․․․ I think you can imagine what a painful moment that is.

This story has already moved millions of people. In the video is Ryan, who unfortunately had a very short time left.

This man had a ventricular hemorrhage. They could not even imagine at first what Ryan’s disease was.

It seemed to him and his family that it were just headaches.

But things got more and more complicated. He had high blood pressure every day.

Ventricular hemorrhage is often the result of excessive drinking.

Those were very hard days for his whole family and of course for his furry friend ․․․ Extremely heartbreaking and tearful.

Only the sky knows how many people have already cried after watching this video.

His family members thanked everyone for their support and kind words.

It was probably the hardest part for Molly, but Michelle and their whole family wanted the two to say goodbye to each other.

And the most exciting thing about all this was that they gave Ryan’s heart to a child who needed it so much. Due to it they managed to save another human life.

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