The adorable puppy and a foal who was born a few hours ago, took a wonderful nap hugging each other warmly


Animals always amaze everyone with their sweet habits and behavior. They can be wonderful companions for whole life.

These two attracted everyone’s attention with their sweet and warm hugs.

This is another adorable moment, when just watching it, your heart starts to warm.

Here we have brought wonderful shots for our loyal readers.

Here the sweet puppy hugged the foal, who was born a few hoursago.

The name of the pup is Molly, who hugged the foal so warmly that it simply amazed everyone.

The name of the newborn foal is not considered yet.

They were caught on camera by the Green Valley, where they hugged each other.

Molly is an Australian shepherd known as a tough and strong dog, they can actually be very tender and gentle.

Watching this wonderful video, it becomes clear that the mother of the little foal, who was standing right next to the newborn, and obviously, he did not mind the dog hugging the baby.

Fortunately, this wonderful moment was filmed and we now have the opportunity to enjoy it too. All animals are so adorable.

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